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EDC specializes in the trade of soft commodities especially grains from the Black Sea and South America to North Africa with stronghold in the Libyan market. We use our expertise and experience in sourcing, distribution and logistics to provide our customers with world class services and goods. Throughout the years our company has earned the trust of both producers and customers making us the trusted partner to trade into niche markets.

We run our businesses with Swiss immaculate care. Since 2009, our team has mastered the sourcing, sales and transport of soft commodities and we move steadily increasing volumes of agricultural commodities every year.

We have a strong network and relationships with Governmental and private consumers across North Africa.

  • 2009 EDC started trading operations with team of two
  • 2010 EDC diversifies into seed products
  • 2011 EDC secured 55% of the total Wheat Flour quantities shipped to Libya, thus making it the 1st supplier of wheat flour in that year
  • 2012 EDC grows its trading desk, and welcomes new additional members
  • 2012 EDC expands its focus beyond Libya to include North African countries
  • 2013 EDC Trading rebrands under EDC

┬áVolume (Metric Tons) 2011 – 2015